Sally Adee: Cat Brain Fever And Google’s World Domination

Here’s a quick peek at the February issue of the IEEE Spectrum.

For those who look for Sally Adee’s articles first (like I do), this issue features two for our reading pleasure. The first, “Cat-Brain Fever”, briefly chronicles two different approaches to brain simulation – one from a neurological perspective and the other from the realm of computer architecture – and how the two positions recently clashed quite publicly.

Adee’s second article, “Winner: Google Chrome, the Conqueror,” explores the soon-to-be-mainstream geek playground known as Chrome OS, Google’s seven-second-boot-time-web-based operating system. Note that this is a *separate* product from Google’s Chrome browser, just to keep technophiles on their toes. What’s particularly interesting in this article is the discussion of Google’s benevolent plan to take over the world. Didn’t Microsoft used to say that? Remember how that turned out?

Other articles of interest include Sandra Upson’s “Russia Reinvents Its Railroad” and Anne-Marie Corley’s “Dim Prospects for Bright Light”. For those of you who are not members of the IEEE, check your local well-stocked newsstand for the IEEE Spectrum.

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