Latest Linux Journal: Sarah Sharp On Rockets!

Run – don’t walk – to your favorite bookstore or newsstand and purchase the May issue of Linux Journal. While the mag is always worth the $6 cover price, this issue is special. Once purchased, open it immediately to page 40.

Sorry, Shawn! Folks will just have to read your column second this month. 😉

In her article titled “Linux-Powered Amateur Rocket Goes USB”, Sarah Sharp details some of the development work done by the Portland State Aerospace Society (PSAS), an amateur rocket group that utilizes open source software as well as open hardware. Sharp gives a brief history of the changes to the rocket’s configuration since the unfortunate 2005 deployment failure that condensed a 12-foot rocket to three feet of accordioned conversation piece. (That thing is an attention-grabber at conferences, though.)

The article includes the reasons behind the move to USB, some introductory information about the LPC2148 32-bit ARM microcontroller, as well as some step-by-step instructions for checking out the latest LPCUSB code from its SVN repository. (The article even includes a photo of the group, taken on a day when I was, sadly, not there!)

If you have any interest in amateur rocketry, open source development or microcontrollers – or if you just want to check out how cool PSAS is – be sure to get your hands on this issue and read this article twice.

Absolutely psyched to share this info, for more reasons than one: almost a year ago, Sarah Sharp was the first person interviewed on dotFiveOne. Sarah and I have spent time together in PSAS and have recently scheduled in a little weekend geekery of our own from time to time. It’s *great* to see her writing about some of her work, and getting a publication cred to boot!

Side note: Sarah and I are hoping to attend LinuxFest Northwest next weekend, so pick up the article and read it before you go so you can ask her some questions!

One thought on “Latest Linux Journal: Sarah Sharp On Rockets!

  1. Sorry, Shawn! Folks will just have to read your column second this month

    Fair enough, BUT I’m pretty sure I do mention the article in my column so if you’re looking for a meta taste of rockety goodness… 😉

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