Latest Project: openSUSE 11.0 File/Media Server

It’s no secret that I’m an avid openSUSE user. I’m sure there are other distros that are just as functional, but I’ve always liked the green gecko. That said, I’ve only used it as a desktop OS – I’ve never used it on a server.

Now, what I’m building is a cheat – I’m not loading an enterprise version of openSUSE 11.0. I’ll be using the same desktop version I have loaded on my IBM ThinkPad T40. But I’ve got a mad need for a serious data repository, and my local 250 GB isn’t cutting it.

So here’s the plan: a P4 chip on a speedy motherboard (more specs to come) with 1 GB RAM and about 600+ GB of hard drive space across three drives. Nothing sexy in the video department – in fact, I may just stick with the onboard video, audio and ethernet. And in the near future, I’ll add a 1TB external drive for backups.

I’ll load openSUSE 11.0, configure the system for Samba for file sharing and printing, and then use some sort of media app/suite for music and vids. Today, while checking in at Linux Journal Live with Shawn Powers, some folks mentioned Geexbox and Media Tomb. If anyone’s got experience with these apps, post a comment about your experiences.

In the coming days, I’ll post some pictures of said system, and let you know how things are going!

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