LadyAda & Phillip Torrone Debut “Citizen Engineer”

By now, most geeky folks have heard of Make magazine. Phillip Torrone, Senior Editor, is one of the great minds behind it. Now “pt” has teamed up with Limor “Ladyada” Fried, mastermind behind Adafruit Industries and countless electronics projects, to bring us “Citizen Engineer”, an “online video series about open source hardware, electronics, art and hacking”.

Naturally, there’s a lot of jumping up and down going in my lair at the moment. The premiere video, “Volume 01 – Phones: SIM card and payphone hacking”, is *exactly* the kind of video I’ve been wanting to see. No pleasantries and chatter, just straightforward hacking. This video debuted last weekend at “The Last HOPE” Conference in NYC (more on HOPE later today), and I hope it gets a great deal of play because I want to see many more like it.


  • *Great* detail shots of the circuit boards, as well as close-in shots of LadyAda building her circuits.
  • Concise and clear descriptions. This video assumes you’ve got some experience building circuits, but explains every single step for newbies.


  • Inconsistent sound levels. Sometimes the music actually drowns out the voice playback.
  • I wanted to know a bit more about the software end of things for the SIM card hacking, but my trusty Do No Evil search engine can help fill in the gaps.

Be sure to watch this video and give them loads of feedback. The more they hear from folks, the more likely they are to produce more vids!

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