Photogeeks: Digital Photography School and PSDTUTS

I’ll admit to being a complete n00b when it comes to all things involving image hacking. I tried Photoshop, but it seems unwieldy to me, and I have to say the same for GIMP. In fact, most of my image editing needs of late have been satisfied by Paint.NET, though I do use Photoshop Elements to take some of my photos to the next level.

That said, you folks who *are* into digital photography and image editing may find the following information interesting.

Digital Photography School. I first came across Darren Rowse’s work when searching the web for blog info; I didn’t find out until later that this site came first! DPS is loaded with digital photography stuff. The resources page includes info about everything from “Photography Tips For Beginners” to making money from your images.

The blog has *tons* of tips. I mean it. Need a little more structure? Take a look at the Weekly Assignments. That’s right – homework! For those seeking more of a connection with other photographers and editors, check out the forums.

PSDTUTS. Once you’ve taken your photos, how do you make them look good? Visit the PSDTUTS tutorial site and get “spoonfed Photoshop”. This site has innumerable tips and tricks for working with your digital images, as well as news and developments in the Photoshop-related world.

While there’s plenty of free content, a few of the goodies are only available if you buy a membership, but in their defense, it’s only $9 a month. (That’s cheaper than MMORPGs, and with *actual* skill leveling instead of imaginary mastery!) They’ve separated the RSS feeds out so you can subscribe to just the tutorials if you want, which is smart. And if you’re already talented enough with Photoshop that you don’t need to visit their tutorials, write one of your own and submit it to this site for pay!

No matter what your level of skill, these sites probably have something new to offer you. If they help (or hinder) you, drop me a line at and let me know how!

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