“Nerd Girls” on IEEE.TV

During your next coffee break, head over to the IEEE.tv site and scroll through the Public Access section of the page until you find a video titled “Nerd Girls”.

The “Nerd Girls” segment is about a team of engineers across multiple disciplines at Tufts University working together on a solar car project.

This is a well-edited production, with great visuals of the project, and no pat-on-the-head smiling guy saying “these girls are doing a pretty good job” where the “you know, for girls” is implied. Wish these folks would say “women” instead of “female”, but that’s a personal pet peeve. It was *very* keen to see someone talking about FPGAs (which I’m still trying to understand over here in EE-land). Also, a nice touch was the inclusion of a discussion among team members about problems that they’re trying to solve. It’s nearly nine minutes long, and frankly, I wish it had been longer.

Check it out. Of course, there are other interesting videos on that site, but this is my current fave.

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